Golf Fundamentals Best Training Aids

Golf Fundamentals Best Training Aids

In everything that you do, if more than two people have tried it someone will figure out how to create a shortcut or a tool to make the task a little easier. These tools are meant to instill in you the fundamentals along with practice and the best training aids will help make doing anything you set your sites on doing a lot less difficult to accomplish.

Every sport has training tools to help you get better, and golf is no exception. Today we are going to cover a few of the best training aids to cut strokes off your game, and have everyone buying you drinks at the Back9 (our club bar.)

First we must understand that golf is a sport and to become proficient or even great at it takes practice, and knowing what tools will help improve your game will only make your game better.

There are so many training aids on the golfing market these days that it is often hard to distinguish between a good and a bad one, and which aids will genuinely improve your game. This article will focus on three training aids that will help to improve your swing.

The Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid:

The Orange Whip
Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid

The Orange Whip is one of the best training aids that will genuinely improve your game if used correctly. The Orange Whip Trainer increases your flexibility and strengthens your golf muscles through its proprietary weighted and counter-weighted system.

From my personal experience with the Orange Whip I can tell you it’s a workout and I could feel improvement in my swing and tempo over time. It’s not an instant improvement and if you make the commitment then you will start to see improvement.

A good starting point is to just start swinging with it. There is no need to worry about a clubface when doing this, so it is all about trying to get an athletic swing time after time. Consistent use of this versatile, dynamic swing aid will improve your golf swing and provide an essential core-muscle workout. The counter-weighting system and flexible shaft work together to promote the natural golf swing motion. This is done in just a few simple steps.

You may find that it also tires out more than you had expected. The benefit of this is that you should feel stronger when you get back to using a golf club again. Some people point out that a club feels really light after some time spent working out with the Orange Whip.

There’s nothing else like it! Improve your range of motion while avoiding injury. Strengthen your swing power while maintaining control. The Orange Whip Full-Sized Golf Swing Trainer Aid retails for $109.99

The Lock-in Golf Grip:

Lock-In Golf Grip
The Lock-in Golf Grip:

This Lock-in Golf Grip Training Aid forces you to grip the club like the average PGA and LPGA player. Having the perfect grip every swing allows for correct body compensations to occur to hit it farther and more consistent

A simple training aid designed to help the golfer locate the proper golf club grip. This training aid simply attaches to virtually any golf club and comes with 2 straight line site markers that screw into the butt end of the golf club.

By perfecting your grip and wrist hinge with what we consider one of the best training aids , you will take less power to send the ball further to greater distance. Your golf buddies will notice your swing changes on the golf course and will want to know how on earth you improved so fast.

Finally, a product that FORCES you to grip the golf club correctly every time. Set this golf club grip trainer to practice hooks, draws, fades and slices, or set it to go straight! You can even set it to practice bunker shots.

The FlatWrist Pro and PowerLag Pro Combo:

Flat Wrist Pro
FlatWrist Pro and PowerLag Pro Combo

Our FlatWrist Pro and PowerLag Pro Combo pack combines two products that perfectly compliment each other and will help you learn how to create and maintain more lag and develop a better downswing plane with consistent hand and wrist position at impact. Let’s look at each separately to see how they can benefit you.

Using the Flat Wrist Pro golf swing trainer is guaranteed to improve your impact and consistency. The Flat Wrist pro trains your hands to hit down on the ball and square the club face for a more powerful impact position. The Flat Wrist Pro is also great for chipping and full shots.

One of the benefits of the Power Lag Pro is it trains your hands to maximize club lag for more power and consistency. The Power Lag Pro golf training aid provides immediate feedback when your wrist is fully cocked.

This is a combo pack I highly recommend and retails for Power Lag Pro and Flatwrist Pro Combo $39.99

These are by far not the only best training aids on the market, but you have to find the tool that works best for you. The three training aids featured above are available at many locations, and on the Internet, but if you use the links on this page you will receive a 10% discount.