Determining Golf Balls That Match Your Skills

Determining Golf Balls That Match Your Skills

Any golfer knows the role of the golf balls in their plays. No matter how good a golfer is, if he or she is without golf balls then their skills have no value.

Every golfer knows these facts. This is why golf balls have become the primary commodities among golfers.

There is no general way to determine which golf ball is best for individual players. This factor is almost entirely dependent on the golfer’s own preference.

What they may do with the ball and how much will their pockets allow them.

For some, a single brand of golf ball says it all. They would stick to them for as long as they would want; and most would never play if not playing with their particular brand of golf balls.

Some people may call this insanity but this is an individual preference.

While a number of golfers may be practicing this, it is not thoroughly advisable to adopt this same attitude towards golf balls. The most ideal way of choosing balls is to use common sense, especially for beginning golfers.

Lost Golf Ball
Lost Golf Ball

A beginning golfer must never keep in mind what other people have to say about golf ball brands, may it be positive or negative.

It must be pointed out that loosing balls for beginners is natural and this would mean that they need not focus yet on the quality or the brand name.

What they need is the low cost value the golf balls offer.

The best option for beginners is to buy golf balls sold in bulk, around 50 balls or so in a single bargain.

These are balls that have been gathered from the greens and have been “recycled”.

The benefit of these used balls is that they are commonly branded (but that doesn’t matter actually) and one need not grieve for having lost any of such balls.

On the average, losing a golf ball is around a hundred percent for most beginners through sessions of hit practicing.

With upgrades in the skills come the upgrades on the ball qualities. But this still don’t suggest that intermediate players should rush to nearby golfing supplies and buy the most expensive balls from there.

The golfer must not compromise price for his level of skill.

The golf balls they buy next will depend on their skill level.

If they have great tendencies of failing on hits, they still need to stay put with cheap balls. But this is not to the extent of using the same used balls. This time buy new inexpensive balls.

If for instance the golfer usually miss-hit the balls, then the balata-covered balls is nor the most appropriate ball to choose, just a little golf tip.

Scratch players on the other hand would most likely prefer the golf balls that would offer lesser spin and more control.

As the basic theories for golfing, and most sports in that case explain, the skill improves with the frequency of playing. With improvements on the golfer’s skills, they may venture to trying new golf ball brands; here are a few we recommend for the beginner golfer:

  Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball WhiteTitleist Pro V1 Golf Ball White


The new Titleist Pro V1 Alignment golf ball, the #1 ball on worldwide tours, is designed for maximum distance and the best short game control to help all golfers shoot lower scores. The new Pro V1 spins less, has a thinner cover, and features a thicker casing cover.

All traits that should appeal to the amateur golfer. Perhaps Titleist is reacting to some of the competition by making a premium golf ball suitable for both good and elite players.

This golf ball has historically been geared toward advanced players, but with the modern adjustments to the golf ball any player can play Titleist Pro V1x. The Titleist Pro V1 is a golf ball designed for players looking for a middle trajectory golf ball with plenty of distance and bite around the greens.

The three-piece design of the ProV1 allows it to have a high spin rate on wedges and chip shots. The Pro V1 features extraordinary distance, very low long game spin, penetrating trajectory, Drop-and-Stop™ short game control and very soft feel for total performance.

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TaylorMade TP5 2020 Golf Ball YellowTaylorMade TP5 2020 Golf Ball Yellow


Your choice of golf ball not only matters when making full swings, but it also matters around the greens. You need to have a golf ball that feels good coming off of your wedges and your putter if you are going to perform at a high level.

Taylormade,well-known crafter of golf clubs has ventured into the world of golf balls with the advent of the Taylormade TP5 and they’re doing a pretty good job.

The Taylormade TP5 offers you spin, spin, and more spin. This golf ball took 10 years to develop and is a 5-layer piece of engineering marvel.

Virtually all players want to maximize spin on their short irons while minimizing spin on their driver. With simple golf balls you sacrifice one or two things to gain something else, not with the Taylormade TP5.

The TaylorMade TP5 golf balls contain a XL low compression core that increases the launch angle and reduces the drag. Also features a new modulus material “HFX” that improves the energy transfer through the ball for more speed.

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Bridgestone Tour B RXS 2020 Golf Ball WhiteBridgestone Tour B RXS 2020 Golf Ball White

$39.99 (Retail $44.99)

The Bridgestone Tour B RXS was made for golfers with lower handicaps who desire a firm golf ball. The Tour B RXS is engineered for players with swing speeds under 105 mph to provide exceptional spin and distance.

This golf ballwas designed with control and accuracy as the driving force. It also doesn’t boast crazy high spin rates because it isn’t designed to produce maximum spin around the greens. This golf ball was designed to ensure ultimate control and accuracy while also providing great distance.

The Bridgestone Tour B RXS gives you great accuracy, trajectory control, and distance. It doesn’t overspin on the driver and long irons and may add a few yards to your long game. Around the greens, it will provide some bite due to its layers and urethane cover.

But don’t expect it to zip back five feet because it’s not designed to do that.

The new Reactiv Urethane cover is more shock absorbing giving extreme green side control. The combination of the Reactiv cover, mantle layer, and high energy core is engineered for explosive distance.

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Through this, he may determine what golf ball brands will suit him best. But this doesn’t end here nor this factor decides what type of games the golfer may produce.

He still have to reconsider other golfing components such as the golf clubs, the golf courses and other golfing accessories.

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