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How To Achieve A Proper Golf Club Grip

I’ve always been addicted to the driving range, I just love hitting balls and learning more and more about my swing. As a result, I’ve always thought I had a pretty solid grasp of my swing, but I didn’t have a proper golf club grip.

I’ve had a nearly lifelong struggle with the proper golf club grip, and have gotten plenty of advice on how to fix it, mostly unsolicited. But last month I found a product that would train me on a proper grip which has come to give me a new perspective.

Forces Proper Hand Position
Forces Proper Hand Position

Having correct hand placement on the club is always a challenge. When a strong hand position doesn’t seem to work, you’ll then shift to a weaker grip. Locating the best hand position is often a struggle, but with this article you will learn of a training tool that will help correct this problem.

I recently tested what is probably going to become the most popular swing trainer out there, the Lock-in Golf Grip. This product is finding its way into the bags of some of the most prominent teachers and players around the world, and I think it’s for good reason. The Lock-in Golf Grip works.

The Lock-in Golf Grip is a simple training aid designed to help the golfer locate the proper golf club grip. This training aid simply attaches to virtually any golf club and comes with 2 straight line site markers that screw into the butt end of the golf club.

It’s this site marker that allows the golfer to line up their hands to have the proper golf club grip.

This Golf Swing Training Aid forces you to grip the club like the average PGA and LPGA player. Having the perfect grip every swing allows for correct body compensations to occur to hit it farther and more consistent.

A stunning fact is that almost 95% of golfers slightly change their grip for every swing and don’t even know it.

I wanted to test this product to see if it could improve my grip, cause I didn’t know my grip was weak till I was using this and having to keep my hands in the correct alignment. While at the range, I started my test by attaching the Lock-in Golf Grip to my club.

Initially, the Golf Grip felt rather tight against my hand. However, after a few dozen swings, the grip kept my hand tight to the club – my shots were honestly straighter and longer than normal! The Lock-in Golf Grip had an unusual feel when first used. . . but, after some play, it did get more comfortable over time, which is probably why my golf shots haven’t been as accurate as they could have been – until now.

I also used this aid while hitting my Driver. I had the same initial sensation – a sensation of something securing my hand and keeping it from moving. Twenty drives later, I could definitely see an improvement in terms of accuracy and about 5-10 yards more distance.

Lock-in Golf Grip
Lock-in Golf Grip

The Lock-in Golf Grip really works! It correctly puts your hand in the right spot to have a proper golf club grip as soon as you put it on! If you just started golfing or need help to improve your swing, get the Lock-in Golf Grip!! I have it and my game has improved ten fold!

Some of the key features:

  • Attaches to ANY golf club
  • Forces proper HAND position
  • Forces proper WRIST hinge
  • Restricts hand movement THROUGHOUT the swing

The settings were created from analyzing the average of PGA and LPGA players

Overall, I rate the Lock-in Golf Grip as a very good training aid for the proper golf club grip. I saw an immediate improvement after a half hour on the range, and I will continue using the Lock-in Golf Grip before playing to remind me of proper hand position.

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