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Did You Know That Golf Is Actually Really Simple?

Golf is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. You can increase your understanding of any complex subject by progressing from the simple to the complex.

When you are ready to start playing golf, understand that it is not a complicated sport if you can simplify the game. If you can divide the game into simple steps you can learn the moves that will cut strokes from your score.

Take the fundamentals of a sound golf game and divide it into the following five parts and focus on these ONLY.

1. The grip.

Simply, having the right golf grip is probably one of the most important aspects of the golf technique because if you get this part wrong, the rest of your swing is already shot.

Very simply, if you do get the golf grip right, even if you do a lot of things wrong during the golf swing, you still have a chance at hitting a decent shot. Here are some golf tips for beginners and more advanced players to help you get the proper golf grip for your swing, and help you play a lifetime of good golf.

First of all, remember that there are three different ways to grip a golf club when swinging. No one is necessarily the most effective, so here they are the overlapping grip, the interlocking grip, and the baseball grip.

Simply experiment with these three different grips, find out which one works the best for you, and then start practicing with it every single day. The only way to really master anything is to practice it quite a bit, so find the proper golf grip that works for you, and practice until you master it.

Again, no one of these grips is the exact right way, and you will have to experiment to find out which one works for you. Keep in mind, the overlapping grip is the one that most of the PGA Tour pros use, and you very well might find that works the best for you.

2. The setup.

All great golfers are aware of how important the setup is and you can be sure that many bad golfers are not. If you setup correctly for a shot, chances are extremely high that you will hit a good shot.

So important is your setup that even if you swing poorly in a good setup position, you are bound to at least hit a reasonable shot.

A good setup will enable you to achieve a good posture and the sort of balance that will help you maintain balance and inevitably control throughout the shot.

The correct setup comes with correct training and even more important; exercising and conditioning of the muscles you use in your entire body for the swing. A bad golfer will more often than not be the sort of person who does not do golf-specific exercises aimed at improving their golf.

The result is that they will not even be able to tell the difference between a good setup position and a bad one, simply because they will tend to feel uncomfortable in both.

3. The backswing.

  • Golfers can frequently get caught up in a black hole of technique. W
  • th many golfers looking to perfect their backswing in the hopes it will turn them into a ball-striking machine.

a. Positions the golf club in a good position to hit the ball straight.
b. Stores energy and creates distance away from the golf ball to generate clubhead speed into impact.

That is it – a great backswing is no more than the two objectives above.

It is important to remember that the golf ball only cares about impact, you could do a backflip at the top of your backswing, as long as you create an ideal impact the golf ball will fly straight.

4. The downswing.

At the top of the backswing, the hips have turned back, away from the ball and the target. On the way down, they will turn back and face the target directly. This turn helps increase clubhead speed through impact and is common among the best ball-strikers on tour.

The downswing is the portion of the swing where the clubhead is moving down toward the ball. This is the opposite movement created from the backswing.

After a smooth transition, the downswing is created by the uncoiling of the body while the arms and club are swinging down toward impact.

Many players initiate the downswing incorrectly with many different movements. Avoid flipping the wrists to start the downswing. This results in an early release and a huge loss of power and swing speed. Another common move is an “Over the top” move.

5. The short game (chipping, sand play, and putting)

We’ve all seen the long accurate drives of many golf professionals. The ball flies through the air and lands in the middle of the fairway, 300 yards away.

The green-eyed monster of envy consumes us as we wonder if we could ever hope to drive like that. Fortunately, long drives are not the be-all-end-all game of golf.

Enter the short game. Without good short game skills, all the long drives are for naught.

The short game is those shots that get us onto the green from about one hundred feet out. Be it from the fairway, a bunker, the rough, or a drop zone, and includes chips, sand shots, and pitches.

This is where your higher numbered clubs would be used. Also your pitching iron, sand wedge, or lob wedge.

Master each one of these parts, and becoming a scratch golfer will not be too difficult. By understanding the simple, you can understand the complex.

To sum it all up.

Most golf courses have practice areas as well as a driving range. Spend some time working on progressing from the simple to the complex. Aim for creating a consistent golf swing at first.

Experiment using your wedges; what works for someone else, might not work for you and your particular swing.

After you get accustomed to hitting the ball consistently, it’s time to spend some time on the course. Knowing how to simply get the ball around the course will cut your score.

Secondly, there are many videos available that can teach you everything from improving your swing to putting. Check out Our Golf Shop for tips on improving your game, and for your golf equipment needs.

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