10 Best Drivers For Beginner Golfers

10 Best Drivers For Beginner Golfers

Getting the right driver can mean more yards off the tee, shorter irons and wedges into greens, and lower scores. Here are the 10 best drivers for beginner golfers to get that distance.

For a golfer, one of the most important things that they should purchase is their driver because according to experts, it is one of the main reasons why they do not hit the ball the distance they want.

This is the exact reason why we created this article for the beginner golfer.

As a beginner you are just developing your swing speed. So, it is more important that you get every bit of distance possible.

New to golf?  You can make the most of your drive with 10 best drivers for beginner golfers article

Drivers cannot hit golf balls for you! But, they try their best to reduce the problems you face off the tee. The right driver for you is designed for your golf swing.

It is important that you understand that different drivers are built for different golf swings,  so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Each golfer’s swing is unique. These differences mean that no one driver is perfect for all players. However, it is likely that one driver will give you advantages over other models given it configuration.

Here are some key factors for creating the ideal golf swing:

1. Widen Your Stance

There is a reason you can swing your driver faster than any other club in your bag. Simply put, the driver is the longest club in your bag and therefore has a larger swing arc which results in more speed.

It’s important to remember that you will swing the driver faster than any other club and therefore need a solid base for your swing.

Set up so the outside of your shoulders extend down to the inside of your feet at address. This will ensure you have a solid enough base to swing the club in balance and with authority when you start to increase your clubhead speed.

2. Hit The Driving Range Often

What is the single most thing that will help you advance to the next level when it comes to your golf game?


And where is the best place to practice?

The driving range.

3. Video Lessons

Amateurs have problems hitting great drives because of fatal flaws. Do you want to consistently hit longer drives?

Imagine if you could finally stop worrying about your driver ruining your round…

The Monster Golf Swing: Distance Maximizer is a video training program that gives you the techniques, principles, and drills you need to increase your distance and play the golf you’ve always dreamed of.

Finding the right shaft is difficult to do and is subjective for each golfer.

Golf shafts come in a wide range of weights, flexes, bend profiles, and prices that can make finding your ideal match challenging.  Shafts should be thought of as timing devices.

They are there to help you deliver the club head back to the golf ball with a desired, repeatable pattern.

Most driver shafts will weigh between 40- and 90-grams and range from ladies flex to tour-extra-stiff. Senior, regular, stiff, and extra-stiff options are also available to help you dial in your feel and tempo preferences.

Faster swinging players often choose shafts in the 60- to 80-gram range and in stiff to tour-extra-stiff flexes.

Slower swinging players may find that shafts between 40- and 60-grams are best for them.

It is important not to rule out any option for yourself until trying them as these are simply our suggestions for the 10 Best Drivers For Beginner Golfers.

F-Max Airspeed Offset

Cobra FMax Airspeed Offset Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersThe F-Max Airspeed Offset by Cobra contain a lighter design that includes a lighter head weight, shaft, and grip.

This will provide golfers with faster, easier swings.

Also features a Carbon Crown design that saves 10 grams of discretionary weight to create a lighter head without sacrificing forgiveness.

This gives gives players more club head speed by optimizing their swing and impact conditions.

The most forgiving model in the Cobra line, the F-Max Airspeed is a must try for golfers of any ability.

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Callaway Epic Flash Driver

Callaway Epic Flash Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersThe Callaway Epic Flash driver features a new Callaway technology called Flash Face for significant ball speed and longer distances.

Flash Face’s unique, internal mapping consists of dozens of subtle ripples flowing from heel to toe that work together to elevate COR in the face’s center region. Using artificial intelligence to simulate thousands of strike locations, Callaway has created a Flash Face to give golfers more speed and more distance no matter where they strike the golf ball.

The retention of Jailbreak in the all-new Epic Flash driver give players more margin for error as they swing the golf club. Getting more out of your swing means playing better golf without trying too hard.

Light carbon crowns and adjustable perimeter weights help make the Epic Flash customizable to any swing type and playing style. Callaway is looking to stay on top of the driver market with the Epic Flash and Flash Face.

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TaylorMade M5 Driver

TaylorMade M5 Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersThe TaylorMade M5 drivers are speed injected to maximize ball speed and distance in the M5 driver.

Also features a revolutionary twist face curve that provides more loft in the high toe and less loft in the low-heel to produce more of a consistent spin.

TaylorMade gives players and club fitter more options with the M5 driver.

The combination of Injected Twist Face, inverse T-track, and hammerhead 2.0 gives players the maximum amount of ball speed available in golf with the option to build a driver uniquely suited to them.

The T-track gives hundreds of possible weight combinations for more swing weight and center of gravity optimization.

The two-tone crown of M5 makes alignment easier and Twist-Face helps more players hit more fairways by eliminating more misses. Although it is priced higher than most, the M5 driver is an exceptional club and give limitless options for the serious golfer.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo DRAW Men’s Driver

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo DRAW Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersLauncher HB Turbo is trying to put more speed into every player’s game this season.

The Launcher HB Turbo drivers by Cleveland provide more speed off the tee for avid golfers seeking higher, longer, and straighter drives. Also designed with new Turbocharged Cup Face technology that will provide higher COR over a larger impact area.

This will increase ball speeds and more distance on shots. The Launcher HB Turbo driver is named due to its revolutionary aerodynamic design that hopes to add club head speed to all golfers.

More club head speeds hold the potential for more distance and more distance can mean lower scores.

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Titleist TS2 Driver

Titleist TS2 Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersThe TS2 Driver from Titleist is engineered to keep your shots far and straight, with the stability to allow you to play aggressively.

It features the new Speed Chassis structure, with a new streamlined shape, reducing drag by 20% and increasing speed and distance.

The refined crown and face thickness create the lowest Center-of-Gravity Titleist has to offer for greater launch and lower spin.

The lighter and longer driver delivers a faster and more powerful swing.

The ideal balance of distance and forgivenss, club speed and ball speed, and looks and sounds, the TS2 Driver is the complete package from one of the most trusted brands in golf.

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Mizuno Golf ST190 Driver

Mizuno ST190 Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersMizuno is known for making some of the game’s best irons. Signature feels and forging process creates some of the most sought after clubs in golf. The ST 190 looks to expand Mizuno’s presence in player’s bags.

The ST190 drivers contains an expanded CORAREA and improved ball speed retention for off center impacts.

Also features a composite crown design that will free up enough weight to allow this club to have a large MOI while still having an extremely low sweet spot for spin rates that can fit all levels of player.

The ST 190 uses a forged face and amplified wave sole technology to give players more speed, more distance, and more forgiveness.

Harmonic impact technology brings the world-class feel of Mizuno irons to the driver and 2019 may be the first year Mizuno makes a name for themselves in the driver category.

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Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond Driver

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero Triple Diamond Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersThe Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond Driver was inspired by feedback from Callaway Tour players to create a new fade-biased head shape and design.

The Callaway Epic Flash Triple Diamond driver is a low spin driver made for players of all abilities.

The most forgiving driver in the low spin category, the Triple Diamond is not off-limits to players of any skill level.

If you need to shed backspin off the tee for more distance, the Epic Flash Triple Diamond is a fantastic all-around golf club.

Artificial intelligence inspired club face, Jailbreak, and an adjustable rear weight help bring more speed and lower spin to an all-new design.

The Epic Flash Triple Diamond was named the Most Wanted Driver for 2020 and we agree with its outstanding performance.

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TaylorMade SIM MAX D Driver

TaylorMade SIM MAX D Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersThe SIM MAX drivers by TaylorMade contain a revolutionary new shape with an Aerodynamic Asymmetric sole and Inertia Generator.

Which provides faster clubhead speeds for more ball speed and distance while the rear weight creates high MOI for improved forgiveness.

Also features a Twist Face™ technology with an oversized faced area that is designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits.

This feature allows golfers produce straighter shots while providing our largest face in the SIM family for even more confidence.

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Tour Edge HL4 OS Women Driver

Tour Edge HL4 OS Women's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersPlayers looking to save money but get an outstanding performing club need to be considering the Tour EdgeHL4  OS Driver. Which is considered one of best drivers for beginner golfers.

The HL4 drivers by Tour Edge contain a forged four-piece 6-4 Titanium head that features a Cup Face. Variable Face Thickness (VFT) technology for maximum power and distance from more contact points on the face.

Also features a slice-fighting technology in the offset model. This allows the face to square up at impact for a straighter ball flight.

The HL4 driver is packed with flight tuning technology, variable face thickness, and a slipstream sole, all for more speed and forgiveness across the club face.

It can be difficult to find and demo the HL4, but it will be well worth the effort.

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XXIO ELEVEN X Men's Driver: Best Drivers For Beginner GolfersThe ELEVEN X drivers by XXIO contain a Carbon Fiber Sole to redistribute weight for improved launch and forgiveness. Also features a powerful yet normalized Cup Face that is faster on center strikes and miss-hits alike.

The XXIO X driver uses advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver exceptional distance and forgiveness. This makes it one of the best drivers for beginner golfers.

The Hi-Energy Impact Head design is built with a thin, variable face that enlarges the size of the sweet spot to improve the consistency of your swing. Cup face construction allows the perimeter to be thinner. Thus, saving weight and transferring more energy to the ball. This results in more distance and the Sole Channel compresses on low-heel impacts for higher ball speed.

The new AX-1 shaft produces exceptional head speed. It is also engineered to reduce the forces on your body during your swing. So you increase your consistency and hit the center of the face more often.

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Every year, golf equipment manufacturers work hard to give consumers more options for their game. Different drivers will perform very differently depending on the golfer and their swing type.

Understanding your swing and what you are looking to get from your new driver is a crucial

Matching your golf swing to a club head can mean more distance and more accuracy.

Choosing a shaft that compliments your driver can increase consistency and help you hit the best shots. Outfit your new stick with your grip of choice; and be sure to remember that this too can affect the performance of all your clubs.

No matter your age or playing ability, having the best equipment for your game is mandatory for shooting your best. Having one of the 10 best drivers for beginner golfers can help you improve your golfing game.

For beginning players, a big game-changer is upgrading your driver. Gaining the extra distance will bring confidence to your golf and have you performing at your best. There are many things to consider when making your selection for choosing the best driver for beginners.

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