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  • An unexplored learning method to increase your driving distance.
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  • Real-life golf tips to have you achieving results in under 24 hours.
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Learning The Basics Of Golf

Discover The Basics Of Golf Including:

  • What exactly is Golf? Well, it is an outdoor ball game wherein the aim is to hit the ball into a series of holes in the minimum possible strokes.
  • A round of golf consists of 18 holes. Now the number of strokes you need to hit one hole is your Par.
  • Each hole has a teeing area around it, which includes a fairway, a rough sideway, and a green well-mowed area around the hole.
  • Then there are the “not so wanted” barriers like sand traps, water etc. that are called bunkers.
  • Plus, so much, much more inside

Each issue will help eliminate your misconceptions about the game. We will explain it to you in laymen’s terms the game of golf in each issue.

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