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Is A Golf Coach Important If You Want To Improve Your Game?

Why would anybody need a golf coach when most of the famous golfers of old developed their game pretty much on their own? And besides, wouldn’t a golf coach take away all the fun of the game and make the whole thing too serious to call a leisure activity anymore?

These are some of the many concerns amateur golfers have whenever you mention a golf coach to them. Genuine concerns but mostly outdated because the modern game has changed a lot and continues to change.

Because eventually, you’re going to get want to stop hitting that same slice time after time off the tee. You could listen to your buddies give you the wrong advice, or you can go get a lesson.

What is a golf coach?

A golf coach is someone who is very knowledgeable about the game, and their goal is to get you to compete well and hopefully win. A coach is there to help overcome the adversity of competition.

One of the most distinct changes witnessed in the game is the wide acceptance of golf coaches, exercises, and muscle conditioning programs in a sport that has for generations been viewed as a leisure sport with no room for any sort of exercising or muscle-strengthening programs.

Golf still has many players who have stuck to the good old days when exercises were unheard of amongst golfers.

When nobody heard of strength exercises for golf to strengthen muscles and help the golfer dramatically improve on their golf swing. Those are the days when stretch exercises were very minimal and almost non-existent.

These kinds of golfers would obviously have a serious problem implementing most golf coaching tips offered by a golf coach and adapting them to their game.

Has your golf game been getting just a little too frustrating in recent times? Have you been suffering many more humiliating defeats than is the case ordinarily?

Then there is the increasing possibility that you are playing against people who are involved in exercise programs and have a personal golf coach who has been helping them work on improvements in their game.

How can you possibly compete with a golfer who has such a huge advantage over you? A better golf game is the goal for any golfer, with the right approach to training with a coach. It doesn’t matter age or ability.

To achieve a better golf game, you need to realize just how physically demanding golf is on your body.

This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on the joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. If these tissues of the body are weak, tight, or brittle they will rupture and eliminate you from playing golf indefinitely.

If it doesn’t, your performance will pay the price. The outcome, either way, is not what you want, but will happen without an emphasis on strengthening these areas.

Along with strengthening comes stretching. Stretching muscles to attain a better golf swing is common among most golfers. Although it is common, most golfers don’t stretch. Why? Because it is viewed as ‘work’. But if it were viewed as a form of golf improvement it would be a different story.

Swing mechanics cannot be improved if your golf-specific strength and flexibility are ignored. It is an impossibility unless you compensate for this lack of capabilities in your golf swing. Teaching pros are now starting to realize there is a definite connection between golf swing mechanics and fitness.

But that’s where the BIG gap is. Between instruction and physical fitness.

This is the ultimate combination for total golf performance and I have been preaching it for several years now. When you improve your physical capabilities, your golf goals become much easier to achieve.

The next time you visit your teaching pro, to achieve a better golf swing, you’ll be able to do what he/she wants and the desired outcome will be achieved. This outcome is inevitable when you get your body moving better. Your golf swing mechanics fall into place.

When you understand what occurs and why your golf coach can then help you make small adjustments to your swing and then gauge the effects on the next shot.

It will only be a matter of time when all golfers will approach their golf coach for improvement this way. It’s the only way that will warrant lasting results and ultimately a better golf game.

Probably the biggest advantage of having a golf coach is that they are able to specifically work on your weaknesses using golf-specific exercise programs to strengthen the muscles that are critical for you to play a good round of golf.

A golf coach will also help you avoid some of the common but painful and disruptive injuries of the game like the golfer’s elbow. They will help you avoid them by getting you to warm up properly before a round of golf and do stretches that will help you tone up to tip-top condition for your game.

What’s more, there is no age limit for golfers opting to get a golf coach to help them with their conditioning. Even senior citizens are able to successfully implement these exercise programs into their game.

In fact, some have been able to get rid of nagging back injuries for good.

Do seriously consider engaging a golf coach.

To sum it all up.

Most golfers have had dozens of opportunities to receive coaching golf tips from professional golf coaches. However, the most interesting aspect of it all is that many of us do not take advantage of these lessons.

There is yet another reason why many golfers do not benefit from a golf coach. It emerges from the fact that not every golf coach will work well with every golfer. Some coaches will suit the styles of certain golfers more than that of others.

The problem here is that many golfers quickly get discouraged when they find that they cannot use the first few coaching lessons and abandon all the rest.

What could be the reason? Is it that the benefits of a golf coach are not explained in enough detail? Or is it that most golfers fail to grasp their benefits?

All these possible reasons are highly unlikely because most of the benefits are explained in a very practical manner in this article.

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