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Improve Your Golf Game With 3 Simple Tips

I want to talk about an interesting lesson I learned the other day.

And that is how to not be a push over and to raise your golf scores using the best tips available.

If you’re someone that feels like you’re being pushed around on the golf course by better players..Read on

So the other day I was on the course waiting for the group ahead of us, where I shared my story on exactly how I was able to improve my game by doing a few quick things before the first tee..

And at the end of my spill my colleague’s​ where like you should share this with others.

And I thought to myself is this really good?

Like holy sh*t am I the best golfer in the world walking on water check out my instagram I’m enlighetened good..

So I am going to share with you the most useful tips to improving your golf game that you should be using before every game. The golf tips you are going to read to improve golf game should somehow be directly or indirectly related to the physical side of your golf game.

I mean…don’t you think golf puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your body, especially your lower back? Ask Tiger…

To alleviate this pain and quickly improve your game takes strength and stretching, specific to your body and your golf swing.

So let me get to these simple, yet valuable tips.

Tip #1:

Perform a dynamic warm-up prior to the first tee. Don’t ever skip it. It is more important than hitting balls before you play. How many times do you see a professional athlete go on the field and start playing? Never. That’s my point.

A Simple Warm-Up could be some arm circles, toe touches, squats with your club, and standing twists holding the club out in front of you chest high.

Here is one that is very simple. Leg Swings (Front/Back, Side to Side)

This one is pretty straight forward. You can use any stationary object to help you keep balance including a wall or your golf club. Simply swing one leg forward and backwards as high as you can in both directions 10 times while keeping it straight.

Repeat this for the other leg. Next, swing one leg from side to side as high as you can in both directions 10 times while keeping it straight. Repeat for the other leg.

That’s it! Simple yet very effective to prepare your body for that long drive you are going to hit on the first tee because you know the secret of the Monster Golf Swing: Distance Maximizer.

Tip #2

Stretching on the course will keep your body nice and loose to make that full backswing with complete rotation, generating a high clubhead speed and consistently long drives. There are just a few key stretches specific to your swing, that can keep your body relaxed for 18 holes.

One stretch I’ll tell you is the backswing/shoulder stretch. It’s a very simple stretch that will maintain a full and fluid backswing.

All you do is get in your golf posture, with your arms hanging naturally in front of you. For a right-handed golfer, you would take your right hand underneath your left, so the back of both hands are touching each other.

Now gently apply pressure from the back of your right hand against your left and pull your upper body all the way in your backswing and hold. Hold it for 15 seconds and repeat once more.

This stretch should be done on almost every hole to get the most out of it.

Tip #3

Improve your core strength and rotational speed. This one is can be done at every hole on the course, and can even be done in your home when your not on the course with minimal equipment.

Trunk Rotations

In a standing position with your back nice and tall, simply twist from side to side at a fairly fast pace but do not move your hips and feet. Repeat 10 times each side. Next, do the same thing but move your hips and feet when you twist just like you would in your golf swing. Repeat 10 times per side.

Since the simple golf swing is a turn back and a turn through, it is rotational in nature. Then why wouldn’t you do many exercises to improve your rotational strength and flexibility?

If you’re serious about your game, you will now!

So, after sharing these tips with my colleagues that’s when I realize that I still had many more tips to share

And I constantly find moments of asking myself, “why the hell did I allow others get to me?” I turn into this pushover where I just felt like I was not going to get any better.

But not anymore after implementing the exercises in Body For Golf, a program to improve the golfers body

And I just feel a whole lot better too…

That is all

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