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Accessories To Personalize Your Golf Bag

A golf bag full of golf clubs might just be a golfer’s most prized possession. Vast amounts of money can be invested into the contents of a golf bag. So here are some accessories to personalize your golf bag.

When you first get your golf bag and golf clubs, you should do everything you can to personalize it; make it your own.

This will lead to familiarity with your clubs and therefore more efficiency when you are out playing the game. It will also give you a real sense of ownership.

We will discuss some of the accessories to personalize your golf bag you can buy. This will increase its aesthetic appeal or its functionality and usefulness.

By putting all of your clubs into the golf bag, it’s unlikely that you have filled it up. There will be more room in the various compartments and pockets that decorate the outside of the bag.

You should not leave these empty. Instead, fill them up with anything you could need out on the course.

Our first choice is the Bag Boy Solar Charger to keep all those necessary electronics we carry charged.

Bag Boy Solar Charger Bag/Cart Accessories Black$34.99 (Retail $44.99)

The Bag Boy Solar Charger is lightweight and charges electronic devices via sunlight and incandescent light.
It features a powerful 5000 mAh battery, a built-in LED flashlight and a portable battery charger bank that powers up to 2 USB based devices simultaneously.


  • Lightweight 2 in 1 solar charger and power bank charges electronic devices via sunlight and incandescent light
  • Portable battery charger bank powers up to 2 USB based devices simultaneously
  • Powerful 5000 mAh battery
  • Only 5 hours to full charge the solar charger via USB
  • Built-in LED flashlight by double-tapping power button

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No round of golf is complete without a Callaway Hybrid Laser Rangefinder

Callaway Hybrid Laser GPS/Range Finders Grey$319.99

This Hybrid Laser Rangefinder combines the convenience of a GPS system with the pin-seeking precision of a laser all in one compact device.

Whether you’re trying to hit your approach to the middle of the green or attack the pin, this hybrid rangefinder maximizes distance information from tee to green.

The laser features Pin Acquisition Technology that locks into the pin from up to 300 yards away with superior accuracy of +/- 1 yard. Additionally, 6x magnification allows you to range from 5-1,000 yards, allowing you to scan the landscape for various targets.

The GPS features over 30,000 preloaded courses around the world with no downloads or subscription fees required.

The GPS gives you accurate distances to the front, center, and back of the green along with layup and carry distances to hazards and doglegs.
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The next item is for those days when the weather is just not right, it is the Bag Boy USA Wind Vent Umbrella

Bag Boy USA Wind Vent Umbrella Red/White/Blue$29.99 (Retail $34.99)

This  umbrella provides maximum coverage and features a double vented canopy system that prevents inversion in high winds.

The umbrella also features a non-slip ergonomic cushion grip, Velcro closure straps and reinforced fiberglass shaft, ribs and hub.
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The next item we would suggest is the Callaway 15th Club Pocket Ball Retriever

Callaway 15th Club Pocket Retriever Golf Ball Retriever Blue/Black$34.99 (Retail $39.99)

Gone are the days where you’re fishing for your golf balls out of the water that you just hit in. This Callaway Pocket and Ball Retriever comes in a 6’ length.

Other golfers won’t even know you have one in your bag—it includes a dual zip head cover making it look like any other club you have in your golf bag!

The Callaway Ball Retriever has an ergonomic sure-grip that makes it easy to hold on to while you’re fishing your ball out of the water, or trying to grab it in those hard to reach areas.

It contains a stainless steel retriever mechanism and has a high quality aluminum alloy that helps minimize bending when it’s fully extended. Plus, the pocket version fits nicely in most bag apparel pockets.

Stop dirtying up your nice khaki golf pants by bending down near the trees to reach your hidden golf ball. Get this as one of the accessories to personalize your golf bag

No more stepping in the water to fetch your ball.

The Callaway Ball Retriever is perfect for any penalty shot that lands you anywhere but where you want to be!

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Another gadget that would be an asset to your golf bag is the Bag Boy 3-in-1 Cart Fan Black Bag/Cart Accessories

Bag Boy 3-in-1 Cart Fan Bag/Cart Accessories Black$49.99 (Retail $59.99)

The Bag Boy 3-in-1 Cart Fan features a 4-inch adjustable fan, a mister and a power bank with a built-in rechargeable battery. The cart fan offers 3 speeds, 2 inch fan blades, an on/off water misting spray option, up to 5+ hours of battery life and a detachable 4000 mAh portable battery charger bank that powers any USB based device.



  • 4-inch adjustable fan, mister, and power bank with built-in rechargeable battery
  • Energy-efficient
  • On/off water misting spray option
  • Powerful 3-speed, 2 inch fan blades
  • Detachable 4000 mAh portable battery charger bank powers any USB based device
  • Up to 5+ hours of battery life, depending on speed setting

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Finally there is the Callaway Rain Hood Towel for both sunny and rainy days.

Callaway Rain Hood Towel Black$32.99 (Retail $34.99)

The Callaway Rain Hood Towel is the perfect 2 in 1 combination. It is designed as a rain hood and golf towel. The internal towel is constructed of cotton and the waterproof hood is constructed of nylon.

The Rain Hood Towel easily slips over the top of most golf bags to keep your clubs dry.

It features Velcro sides for convenient access to clubs and a carbineer clip for hanging the towel on a golf bag.


  • Combination rain hood and golf towel
  • Constructed of waterproof nylon (hood) and cotton (towel)
  • Easily slips over top of most golf bag tops
  • Velcro sides allow for convenient access to clubs
  • Includes carbineer clip attachment for hanging off golf bag

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Put an extra water bottle in one of the pockets for when you get thirsty. Put a first aid kit in another pocket just in case something should happen.

You should also include all of the obvious choices if you didn’t already – golf balls in large quantities, tees, and any other items you frequently use when golfing.

Once you have all of the practical accessories for golf bags taken care of, you can start to get into the more “fun” novelty items.

There is no shortage of things you can attach to your golf club, whether it’s to get a laugh from your friends or simply to remind you of something. Little plush keychain-like items can be attached at many points all across the golf bag.

This could be a small stuffed golf ball, or some sort of figurine. If there is something that you would like to have, it should come to mind immediately.

You shouldn’t have to strain yourself to think of something to decorate your golf bag with.

If you want an easy way to identify your golf bag, you can have your name attached to it somehow. This could be in the form of some sort of embroidery project (do you have a girlfriend, wife, or daughter who embroiders as a hobby? Maybe it’s time to ask for a favor) or simply some scribbles with a sharpie.

It doesn’t matter how you get it done. But, it’s very important that you have some indication that the golf bag is yours in the event that it gets lost on the golf course.

When someone recognizes your name and returns your expensive clubs, you will be glad that you put the name on the bag.

There is no limit to the ways that you can personalize your golf bag with accessories. However, the keyword here is “personalize”.

All I can do is offer you a few hints to get you started in the right direction. From there you can decide on what exactly defines you as a person; and what can help you out while you are golfing.

If we missed any items that you feel would be deemed as a great golf bag accessory, let us know so that it can be added in the future.

You won’t be able to fit all these items in your golf bag; but you want to make sure to have them at least in the car and easy for you to grab when you need them.

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